Karate FAQs

I have never done a martial art before
Neither have most people who join; everybody is beginner at one time or another. Jason Marquis UKA is a great place to start, with friendly coaches and experienced members we are here to help you. So come along and start today.
Will I get hurt?
While Karate is a contact sport it is by no means full contact. At normal training, particularly at the start, you will not be hitting each other at all. If you decide to do competitions you will be given pads and will actually be penalised if you hurt the opponent, the skill is stopping your punch or kick just as you touch.
What do I need for my first session?
At the beginning come wearing comfortable tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. If you have done another martial art before you can wear your old clothing and belts if you still have them.
When can I come along?
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How much does it cost?
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Why do karate?
It’s fun. Its a great way to meet new people, keep fit and flexible, and learn self defence. Come along and give it a go!
I’m not fit enough to do karate
You train to get fit. You don’t need to get fit to train. We will start slow. Karate will provide you with the skills necessary such as improved flexibility, balance and muscle strength.
If you have any further questions please get in touch here, we will be happy to help.